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Reasons to Compound Your Medications


People diagnosed with various health conditions are usually prescribed to take two or more medications. That is why this is vital in order for them to recover from or stabilize their ailments.

Depending on the degree of a person’s illness, the dosage and time of administration for each medication may differ. That is why, even if the person has the same illness as another, each individual is still prescribed a different set or components of medications due to the differences in body composition and metabolism.

As a result, compounding medications is a feasible option as it prepares and restructures medications to meet the different needs of a patient. Among its benefits include:

  • Simplifies their medication administration since pharmacists can combine compatible drugs and incorporate flavors of your choosing.
  • Allows patients to easily locate discontinued or difficult-to-find medications.
  • Lessens any allergic reactions to some medication ingredients.
  • Enhances their adherence as part of their medication therapy management.

If you are looking for a compounding pharmacy in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, dedicated to customizing medications based on the different needs and preferences of your loved one, Pocono Pharmacy is your reliable partner.

We are also a long term care pharmacy medical supplies where we ensure to monitor our patients’ physical condition and responses to drugs, support their nutritional needs, and coordinate with their physicians in providing their needed medications.

We also provide other pharmaceutical services, such as medical supplies, immunizations, auto prescription refills, and many more.

For further inquiries on our pharmacy in Pennsylvania, you can talk to us at 570-421-6789.

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