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Benefits of Compounding Services


Compounding services are a specialized type of service you can find in many pharmacies like our pharmacy in Pennsylvania. It is a science that involves the mixing, altering, and combining of ingredients to create specialized medication to address unique needs.
Here are some of the benefits of compounding services you may not have known about:

  • It Can Alter the Taste of Medication.

    Many medicines leave a bitter taste in your mouth, making it an uncomfortable experience for many, especially children. Compounding services can alter the taste of medication to make it easier for children to take it regularly, improving their medication adherence and more.

  • It Can Help Create Medication That Is Phased Out.

    Some types of medication are no longer commercially available, making it difficult for those who rely on these medications to access them. Compounding services can recreate these medications to ensure their continuing availability for these individuals.

  • It Can Help Address Medication Allergies.

    Some people may be allergic to certain ingredients or dyes involved in the manufacture of commercially available medication. Compounding services can alter these medications to replace or remove these allergens to help ensure that these types of medication are accessible to everyone.

For more information about compounding services, you can call our compounding pharmacy in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, at 570-421-6789.

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