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How to Adapt to Life with an Ostomy


Many wonder if life will still be the same after undergoing ostomy surgery. An ostomy is a way to divert the way urine or stool exits the body. It is sometimes necessary for conditions like cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, and incontinence. For those who have an ostomy, having a pharmacy in Pennsylvania that provides their needed supplies is a big help.

Aside from providing quality ostomy supplies to aid those who need them, we also want to share with you the following helpful tips on how to adapt to life with an ostomy:

  • Have a support system

    A support system does not only mean having a provider of ostomy. It means having people who genuinely care about you and will provide you with both physical and emotional support.

  • Eat the food you like

    A person with an ostomy can still eat any food they want. However, there are types of food that can make you gassy, constipated, or increase the odor of the stool or urine. But if you are just at home, you can surely eat these kinds of food.

  • Ease your way into your normal routines

    People with ostomies can still exercise, play sports, and join social gatherings.

You may consult your doctors or trusted long term care pharmacy about products that can help you hold your ostomy in place while doing different activities. Ensure a safe and convenient use of your ostomy on a daily basis.

Pocono Pharmacy is a compounding pharmacy in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania which provides a variety of pharmacy services, including ostomy and urostomy supplies. You can contact or visit us for more details about our services and supplies.

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